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Black Girls can't win, BUT WE DO WIN! Swimmer was disqualified over swimsuit. By Prudence Williams

Black Girls can't win, BUT WE DO WIN! If we don't play sports, we lazy, but we graduate from college at a higher rate than any other demographic!... But when we do play sports (GO SERENA!) our natural body form makes us too much! You don't like the way our uniform fits! Hell,we sexy And we still win!... Our natural hair scares some because it defies gravity... it's freaking SUPERnatural! But when we wear weave... you say we don't love ourselves!

Come on, people! Stop trying to fit us into other women's box! We CAN NOT be held down by some other cultures standards... Our history has made us so much more than those standards can encompass! When will you accept we are not silky headed! We are not skinny built! We are not anything other than descendant of Africa! Solidly built and beautiful formed! TALENTED, SMART, ATHLETIC, SEXY, DYNAMIC!... We are black girls! Black women! Just let us be!

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