My final advice to inspiring authors and new authors is “Don’t Give Up!” By Dr. Terance Shipman

My final advice to inspiring authors and new authors is “Don’t Give Up!” I know this is hard work. It’s not fun looking at your publishing dashboard and seeing no sales, especially when you have been marketing your butt off. That’s when you must get on your knees and thank God for what you have. Thank God for your life and the talent He gave you. Yes, I know you went into this business thinking, “I can at least sell these many books per week.” And now looking at that dashboard, it seems impossible. But it will be okay! Just pray, keep working hard, and waiting. Stay positive and strong!

For me, I love doing this job! I love the feeling of making ideas come into being. I was driving the other day and called a friend. I told him about some of my marketing ideas. I was excited and want to share! The next day, I made two videos from those ideas. I encourage you to keep dreaming and make sure to put that positive energy behind it. Make sure you put your plans and ideas into action.

If you just want to write a book, then do it! If you want to make a business, then do it. You’re are going to make mistakes. It’s okay to make mistakes, making mistakes means you are making moves! I’m preparing for my third book, and I’m still making mistakes and learning. But I’m moving forward and making it happen. I’m still smiling and believing. I have hope, faith, and love. And yes, the greatest of these is Love!

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