Thank You God it’s done. Year 24 by Terance Shipman, Ed.D.

Thank You God it’s done.

I fall to my knees and thank You God.

I’m tired, bruised and wounded. My armor feels so heavy.

I take off this armor to let my body breathe.

It’s badly damaged, but it served me very well.

I placed my sword on my mantle to rest until its time to sharpen it again.

I need to rest, heal and pray.

I fought battles this year that were familiar to me.

There were also battles I couldn’t imagined I would have to fight.

I took that oath to educate all who were placed in front of me.

I did my best with what I had.

I fought for my students, parents, co- workers and myself.

There were days, I had to fight against them to protect the oath.

We kept moving towards our goals of great teaching and learning.

Whenever times got dark, I stopped and prayed.

I thanked my God for letting me be an educator.

I thanked Him most of all for being a child of God.

There were many days the journey became dark and I needed His light.

There were some days I could see the light.

I did see the light in their eyes.

I saw the want to learn.

I heard in their voices, hope.

So, now I must rest this body, mind and spirit.

I must seek my God to heal me.

To prepare me for year 25.

I thank You Lord for letting me be Your child of God.

For using me to do Your will.

It’s time to rest, heal and pray.

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